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~:: Horn Set and Harness Giveaway!::~

There will be a first and second place

:: First Place - One set of horns (Colors of your choosing) AND one harness set of your choice (My more complicated designs excluded due to limited supplies)

:: Second Place - Your choice of either a set of horns (Colors of your choosing) OR one harness set of your choice (My more complicated designs excluded due to limited supplies)

~:: Rules and Guidelines ::~

- You do not have to be following me but if you are you will get a little something extra with your prize :3

- Both likes and reblogs count as a vote (But you must AT LEAST reblog once), you may reblog as many times as you like but please do not bother/bombard/annoy your followers with it >_o

- This is a WORLDWIDE giveaway

~:: Winner ::~

The winner will be chosen using a random generator so it’s fair for everyone ^^

Once the winner is chosen, I will send you an ask for a full name and shipping address ((So please make sure your ask is enabled!)) and notify you when the package has been shipped out (If the package gets lost in the mail, I will not be held responsible). If the winners do not respond within 2 days of my message then I will use the generator again and pick new ones.

~::End Date::~

December 10th 2013





Polygon has a great tell-all interview up right now with the incredibly interesting game creator Yoshiki Okamoto, who created Street Fighter II, Final Fight, Son Son and many other famous Capcom titles before going independent. I wrote about him previously here.

The second to last paragraph in the screenshot above is amazing.

You guys should all take a second to read this feature on Polygon:



We’re launching a new Kickstarter! It’s MASSIVE CHALICE, a tactical strategy game on an epic fantasy timeline from the creators of Psychonauts, Brütal Legend, and Iron Brigade!

It’s led by Brad Muir, Iron Brigade’s project lead, and staffed by a team of talented Double Fine designers, engineers, and artists who have been finishing up projects like The Cave, Brütal Legend PC, and Dropchord while Broken Age is in development.

Find out more, and join us on this journey!



It’s been nearly two years since I’ve last seen my best friend. Or any friend, really. My family acquired a voucher for a plane ticket that will expire soon. They are letting me use it to visit my friend, which is fantastic! But now I need money for food, hotel room, my car payment, etc!

I’m selling figures and offering some commissions! I’ll keep it short and sweet here:

You can also send me an ask, email me at or message me on Skype at pixeleight

A GIVEAWAY TOO??? ya ok why not
Reblog this post for your chance to win a custom perler + a custom sketch!

  • Reblog this post to be entered into the giveaway.
  • Likes don’t count!
  • You DO NOT have to be following me!
  • I will ship anywhere!
  • I will choose the winner on May 21st (my birthday, and also the day I’ll arrive at my friend’s house!)

Thank you!! Reblogs are very appreciated!!

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